Tenoverten Nail Polishes: Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Two of my blogging obsessions are beauty products and New York City, so when I come across something that connects both subjects, I can’t wait to share my thoughts.

On a recent visit to the bi-annual Elements Showcase (a niche/artisan fragrance trade show with a few extras), I met the founders-owners of the Tenoverten nail salons (“ten over ten,” get it?) and I had a chance to try Tenoverten’s own line of nail polish. The collection currently includes fourteen shades named after streets in downtown Manhattan.

Tenoverten’s polish range is an expert selection of colors, and some of the street names happen to be perfect for the shades they describe: Jane is a sheer pale pink, Carmine is a classic red, and Church is a vampy wine. There are also a few brights and some really gorgeous metallics, as well as a saturated deep blue called Commerce.

The two Tenoverten shades that appealed most to my personal taste were Walker, a rich copper metallic (above right), and Mulberry, a shimmery nude-mauve (above left). I received a complimentary polish application in Walker and I was really impressed by the polish’s “performance.” It applied smoothly, and two coats gave even, full coverage with a lustrous finish.

Here’s a not-so-great shot of my fingers when my nails were freshly painted. It doesn’t do Walker justice, but it gives a rough idea of this copper-brown shade and its very fine metallic shimmer. This polish also lasts exceptionally well. I’m getting some “end wear” now, on day five; usually I notice that happening on the second day of a manicure. (I tend to use my hands a lot. That’s what they’re for!)

Tenoverten’s polishes are “five-free,” formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. They retail for $18 each at Tenoverten’s two Manhattan salon locations and the company website (see here). I’m tempted to head downtown for a manicure, or at least to pick up a bottle of Walker or Mulberry. If you’re located in New York, I encourage you to do the same.

Disclaimer: I received a free “polish change” and a press release.

Images: Lower Manhattan, detail from Map of New York and Vicinity (1863), published by Matthew Dripps; product photos and photo of Ten Over Ten brochure by Tinsel Creation.


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