Passing Fancies: September 2014


Reading: “Ten North Frederick” by John O’Hara

Art: “Garry Winogrand” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Drink: Quatre Fruits Rouges flavored black tea from Le Palais des Thés

Eats & Treats: Some very good duck confit at a new local brasserie. More, please.

Video: “The Roosevelts” on PBS


Audio: Kate Bush, several of her earlier albums, over and over

Garb: New black leggings for the cooling temperatures!

Beauty Products: Mulberry nail polish from TenOverTen, scored at J. Crew’s clearance table

Pleasure: A new small bookcase just for my perfume books and fashion books

Worry: Approaching deadlines for several professional presentations

Stray thought: Ragweed and other autumn pollens are pure evil.

Image: William Carqueville for Lippincott’s Magazine, ca. 1898.


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