Product Review: L’Oréal’s Colour Caresse Lipstick in Cherry Tulle

A few weeks ago I raved about L’Oréal’s new Colour Caresse lipstick in Rose Taffeta (you can see that post here). I liked this product so much that I went back to the drugstore aisle and ended up with a second shade: Cherry Tulle (179). It’s a red shade, slightly outside my rose/berry comfort zone, with another name inspired by fabric and fashion.

In the tube, Cherry Tulle looks like a neutral-to-warm red, almost a brick shade. It appears to have a creme finish (no shimmer at all), and it gives off the same light, fruity scent as the rest of the Colour Caresse line.

On my skin, however, this shade turns neutral-to-cool. It’s not quite the deep blue-red of real cherries, but it’s definitely not warm anymore. And it has a semi-sheer effect, but it still carries plenty of pigment—you’re not getting one of Clinique’s “where-did-it-go?” Almost Lipsticks here.

I photographed these two swatches on my arm, stepping from shade into sunlight.

When it’s applied, the Colour Caresse formula feels smooth and balm-like; it transfers to the lip without any drag, and it lasts surprisingly well for a lightweight lipstick. After a drink and a snack, or the normal wear of a morning at work, Cherry Tulle wears down a bit into a flattering, “bitten” stain on my mouth.

This could be my new “everyday red” lipstick, taking the place of Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm in Crystal Red, due to its easier application and more consistent coloration.

I’m still not crazy about the packaging, but I love the color and the formula and the name so much that I’m willing to ignore the slightly cheap-feeling goldtone tube.

In short: highly recommended.

L’Oréal Colour Caresse Lipstick retails for $9 or so, depending on location and special offers.

Disclaimer: I purchased this item at the drugstore.

Images: Dolores Hawkins wearing Anne Fogarty 1957, via My Vintage Vogue; product photos by Tinsel Creation.


6 thoughts on “Product Review: L’Oréal’s Colour Caresse Lipstick in Cherry Tulle

  1. Oooh. I am forever looking for a good, sheer, easy-to-apply red that doesn’t go pink. This looks promising. (I also love Clinique Butterwhatsis Apple Brandy. Have you tried that one?)

    1. Hello! I’ve gone thorugh two Clinique Butter thingies in Berry Blush. It’s a pretty, YLBB-with-a-sheen on me, but it doesn’t last well and it does tend to feel a bit slithery. I think I prefer the Colour Caresse formula, even though the colors in this line aren’t all as forgiving as the Clinique Butter Shine colors.

      This shade might be a bit cooler than you’d like, since you’re a gorgeous red-head… but do check it out! One of the other shades might win you over.

  2. I’m always looking for wearable reds. I have the Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple and I like it but there’s a lot more color to it than this seems to have. This looks like you could apply without a mirror.

    1. Hi, Poodle! Well, I always need a mirror, unless I’m applying a straight-up lip balm, but this product does go on pretty easily. I think this shade is a bit more subdued than the Revlon Candy Apple, if I recall correctly.

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