Preview: New Lipstick Queen Saint/Sinner Shades and “Dancing Queen” Lipstick Trio

Really, this isn’t going turn into a lipstick-only blog; I’ll get back to other topics soon! But just yesterday I noticed this page in the Barneys catalogue and I needed to know more about the “20 new shades” in Lipstick Queen’s Saints and Sinners lipstick collection. How did I almost miss this piece of news from one of my favorite cosmetics lines?

I’ve just been in touch with Lipstick Queen’s public relations people, and I’m happy to confirm that information. The original Saints and Sinners will still be available: they are Nude, Natural, Pink, Rose, Coral, Red, Rust, Rouge, Berry, and Wine.

The new colors, all offered in Saint (semi-sheer) and Sinner (matte) formulations, with official descriptions, are:

Bare Nude: the ultimate in pale nude
Peachy Nude: a warm peachy take on nude
Pinky Nude: a pretty and subtle pink take on nude
Bright Natural: a more pinkish take on natural
Bright Rose: a fun neon pop of rose
Hot Rose: a deep fuchsia version of rose
Fire Red: bright orangey red
Scarlet Red: a rich blue red
Sunny Rouge: a warm modern take on a dusty red
Deep Red: a seductive black red

I’m generally a “Saint,” and I’m most curious about Bright Natural and Bright Rose for myself. I’ll report back when I’ve tried a few of the new colors! It sounds like they’re nuanced variations on the Lipstick Queen “basics.”

Also on the Lipstick Queen calendar, due for release in November: a new trio of lipsticks called Dancing Queen! It’s “a new collection inspired by the dance floor. . . .designed with an exclusive ‘sheer matte shimmer’ formula – sheer and shimmery but with an unexpected matte finish, Dancing Queen is a unique take on one of fashion’s hottest trends: iridescence.”

The glittery colors (Cha Cha, The Hustle, and The Electric Slide) and the hot-pink tubes are inspired by the heyday of nightclubs like Studio 54 in the 1970s, and the packaging for the set (you can see it on the Really Ree blog) is printed with disco balls.

I’ll leave you with the classic ABBA tune that gave this set its name…

Lipstick Queen Saint and Sinner lipsticks will be available for $20 each at Barneys and SpaceNK in November; Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen will be available for $45 (set of 3 lipsticks), also in November.

Images: Barneys catalogue snapshot by Tinsel Creation; product photos via press release.


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