Passing Fancies: April


What’s on my mind, during this “cruelest month”? Here’s a quick list…

Reading: I finally got around to starting Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. Amazing.

Audio: Lately I’ve been having some 90s nostalgia and listening to Garbage’s earlier albums.

Beauty Products: I’m going through a big crush on Aesop skincare; reviews to come.

Garb: New spring dresses from Boden and eShakti, which I’m already starting to wear with tights and cardigans. (Sorry, don’t expect any real “fashion-blogging” here!)

Art: A rare and wonderful exhibition of John Singer Sargent’s watercolors at the Brooklyn Museum (open through July 28th).

Eats and Treats: Chobani “Bites” yogurt, especially Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips. I’m also still nibbling on leftover Easter candy.

Worry: Our cat M. is recuperating from treatment for hyperthyroidism, and it’s hard not to see her quite herself (yet).

Joy: The “longer days” of Spring, meaning the extended daylight, which makes me feel perkier and more productive.

What are your current preoccupations? Feel free to share in the comments!

Image: La Belle Jardiniere: Avril (April) by Eugene Grasset (1896), via Wikipaintings.


4 thoughts on “Passing Fancies: April

  1. Good categories…

    Joy comes inevitably for The Dandy with better weather and the reawakening of nature.

    Art: Lichenstein at Tate Modern, big, bold and brash.

    Music: a wonderful season of Baroque music “Baroque Spring” on the BBC, just divine in many ways.

    Food… roll out all the spring greens… how long before the ‘aspargus’?

    Oh and fragrances violets to start with and then the other scents of spring…

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Reading: cookbooks. I’m looking to change gears from winter comfort foods to things that are fresher and lighter.
    Worry: too much in this category. Plenty of things to stress over.
    Beauty products: I’m trying to use up what I have and streamline things to just my favorites. I’m also fixated on my nails at the moment and getting them to grow without breaking.
    Garb: it feels like winter so I’m still dressing like its winter. It’s hard to strike a balance between being fashionable and being comfy.
    Joy: I like the longer days too but hate the allergies.

  3. Reading: The Art Forger. It’s a tricky genre for an art historian but it’s not too bad.
    Audio: Justin Timberlake, Mirror–’cause I’m “old school.”
    Beauty Products: Trying all the samples recently gifted and still like L’Occitane the best.
    Garb: new blue flats
    Art: Nick Cave at PEM.
    Eats and Treats: Chocolate-covered jelly beans; and dill chips which remind me of Canada
    Worry: obese cat and dwindling cat and how to feed both
    Joy: Hooray, sun and maybe finally able to garden.

  4. Fun!

    Reading: I re-read everything. I have personally given away 3 copies of the apothecary by maile meloy. Also the Stanley tucci cookbook.
    Audio: we are also feeling nostalgic! Ben folds (me) helmet (rob)
    Beauty Products: my fun Sunday Riley products (thanks j!)
    Garb: trying to find high-quality, used, clothing
    Art: my new fleur de lis squid
    Eats: I ate at least 2 dozen oysters when in NOLA
    Joy: Rory! Seeing friends! NCIS re-runs.

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