Screen Time: An Idea…


I’m thinking of adding yet another category to my posts here on Tinsel Creation: short meditations on movie scenes that include perfume or other beauty products as tokens of self-invention, entry points to fantasy, or clues to characters’ personalities. I’m not a film critic (unlike my friend The Self-Styled Siren, whose blog you really should read), and I won’t be commenting smartly on design the way my buddy Karen of Small Earth Vintage does on her blog (see her recent post on Moonrise Kingdom here!). Instead, I’ll be obsessing, in my usual way, about the bigger importance of little things like lipstick and scent bottles.

Image: Laurey (Shirley Jones) smelling “Elixir of Egypt” in Oklahoma! (1955).


5 thoughts on “Screen Time: An Idea…

  1. Oh please do! It’s a great idea! Reading this I had a bathroom scene with Hepburn & Tracy from “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” popping in my head where you can see a huge bottle of Dior. It’s been a while but I think it was Miss Dior. :)

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