CB I Hate Perfume’s Call for Benefactors


I’ve admired perfumer Chrisopher Brosius since the mid-1990s, when his original Demeter line was first launched in New York. I’ve continued to follow his career and his work, collecting samples and a bottle or two for my own collection and—in recent years—making regular visits to his I Hate Perfume studio and gallery in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

(You can read a post I wrote last year about Brosius and I Hate Perfume here.)

For all these reasons, I was distressed to learn that Brosius and I Hate Perfume are being forced to leave their Williamsburg storefront. I don’t have the details, but everyone knows that New York City real estate, particularly in a neighborhood like Williamsburg that has recently seen an influx of high-end development, is a tough business…

Brosius has found a new location for the studio and boutique; the exact address hasn’t been disclosed yet. In the meantime, he is seeking benefactors to help him in covering the costs of this unexpected move and renovations of the new space.

If you visit his site, here, you can find out how you can assist as a benefactor. Donations at various levels will entitle you to discounts and other perks at the new I Hate Perfume location. It’s a good way to support a small NYC business that’s one of the original “indie” perfume houses.

Image: photo by Tinsel Creation.


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