On the Street: The Plaza Hotel in Self-Camouflage

plaza hotel

A few days ago, I passed the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue. I did a double-take and then I took this picture. Look closely: on its front facade, the Plaza is wearing a cleverly fitted covering, designed and detailed to look like the building itself. Apparently the hotel is under construction; the side facing Central Park, visible at the right in this photo, has its own mesh-like cover to protect passersby from falling debris.

I don’t know what the view from inside the Plaza must be these days, with all this work going on, but the trompe l’oeil tarp is a nifty way to deal with the exterior.


7 thoughts on “On the Street: The Plaza Hotel in Self-Camouflage

  1. Brilliant isn’t it? Our City Hall has had those for 2 years now. It’s less of an eye sore for tourists taking pictures.but mainly for the people working in the area.

  2. I follow a lot of building/construction/skyscraper blogs and forums. I *think* I’ve seen one or two other buildings do this before. I think it’s really clever and fun. I can also imagine some cool public art projects to be done with it!

  3. On my recent trip to Ukraine I saw that type of the covering done… instead of actual remodeling. The city I visited hosted a European Socker Tournament last year so they covered a lot of old buildings that they didn’t have time to fix on the route from the airport to the downtown. A year later it was in the same condition.

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