Quick Reads: Houbigant, Mucha, and La Rose France


I came across this beautiful advertisement from 1909, in which Houbigant used an illustration by Alfonse Mucha to promote a fragrance named La Rose France, and wondered how it came to be. Then I found this post on a blog devoted to Houbigant’s perfumes and perfume bottles, which answered all my questions and then some. Do give it a read!

(To re-read my own take on a present-day Anna Sui perfume ad that pays homage to Mucha, see here.)

Image: H-Prints.


4 thoughts on “Quick Reads: Houbigant, Mucha, and La Rose France

  1. I found a similar blog devoted to Roger & Gallet today, I wonder if it’s the same mysterious author. Lots of great information I have seen no where else with appraisal services. Loved this Houbigant site. Lovely to see you Friday at Aroma M!

    1. I wonder! Very possibly… this is the woman who runs Cleopatra’s Boudoir. She seems to have a widespread internet presence. She has definitely gathered a wealth of information!
      So nice to see you at the Aroma M opening!! x

  2. does anyone have a picture of the Houbigant “La Rose France” perfume bottle? it dates to 1911 also, is it by baccarat or lalique? tks very much

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