Lipstick Samplers from Besame Cosmetics

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When the vintage-inspired Besame makeup line was launched, back in 2005, there was a lot of online chatter about its richly pigmented, glamorously packaged lipsticks. We realized that these lipsticks were tiny, but mighty, and we all admired their vivid, feminine colors. No minimalist nudes here!

The one problem was the difficulty of sampling the colors before purchasing a lipstick. Since Besame has never been distributed widely, it was hard to see the products in person. (Henri Bendel carried Besame for a brief time; I bought a Merlot lipstick. Then they dropped the line.)

At long last, Besame is selling samples of the lipsticks, in a particularly clever way. The new lipstick samplers look like a fancy matchbooks, and inside each one, six cardboard “matches” are tipped with small amounts of lipstick. Each sampler includes two colors to try, with three samples of each color. Each sample is enough for three uses.

Seven color pairs are offered. Which would you choose?

Each sampler sells for $5 at the Besame website.

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