Passing Fancies: September 2013


Better late than never! What have I been doing and thinking lately?

Reading: Alice McDermott’s Someone, her newest novel (and her best).

Art: “Hopper Drawing,” an exhibition of Edward Hopper’s drawings (most of which I’d never seen before!) at the Whitney.

Video: The final episodes of “Breaking Bad.”

Eats & Treats: Apples (and cider doughnuts!) that we picked on a recent outing to an orchard in Westchester.

Beauty Products: On a recent visit to Barneys, my friend N. and I explored quite a few fragrances, old and new, at the Serge Lutens counter. I fell in love with Bas de Soie.


Garb: Back to black tights! Now I feel like myself again.

Annoyance: My seasonal allergies have not yet abated.

Pleasure: A recent visit to friends in Detroit, which I’ll write about soon!

Image: September (Septembre) by Eugène Grasset (1896), via Wikipaintings. Serge Lutens/Barneys photo by Tinsel Creation.


2 thoughts on “Passing Fancies: September 2013

    1. I’ve read “Charming Billy” and “Child of My Heart” and “After This,” but “Someone” is now my favorite of her books! I won’t say any more… I’ll just let you look forward to it.

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