Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event for Fall 2013 (with update!)


It’s that time of year again, only slightly later: Barneys’ annual fall beauty bag event has been delayed slightly due to major renovations at the Madison Avenue flagship store, but you can still Love Yourself from October 15-19 .

As you can see from the mailer above, the minimum purchase to receive a gift-bag full of samples has risen yet again, to $250. Ouch. On the other hand, if you’re in New York and just need to pick up one or two little things this month, you can still enjoy experiencing the newly unveiled Foundation, the beauty and fragrance floor.  I visited a few weeks ago and saw a few counters that had already been completed, and they really did look promising. I’m looking forward to getting the full effect on my next visit.

**UPDATE: For a peek at the bag’s contents, visit Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog.**

Image: photo by Tinsel Creation


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