Vintage Advertisement: Crown Perfumery Violet

overland monthly violet vol xxvii no 157 1896

In my art historical research, I occasionally come across perfume and cosmetics advertisements in old periodicals. I really should share some of my favorites here, since I know you’ll appreciate them!

This ad for Crown Perfumery’s Violet perfume was published in Overland Monthly magazine in 1896. I love the rendering of the packaging and bottle (which Clive Christian adapted for his own use when he purchased Crown in 1999!) and I’m intrigued by the “No chemicals used” line, since I didn’t realize that “all-natural” was being used as a fragrance marketing claim as early as the 1890s.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Advertisement: Crown Perfumery Violet

  1. Oh I love these old ads! I’m not a fragrance expert but now this makes me wonder what kind of chemicals were they using in 1896. I guess I’ll have a little reading to do. :)

    1. Me, too! I knew there were soma aromachemicals in use, but I didn’t realize that perfumeries were already making a distinction like this, or that their customers were concerned!

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