A Visit to Barneys New York’s New & Improved Foundation


I decided to stop by Barneys on my way home tonight, to check out the newly renovated Foundation (the beauty and fragrance level) and maybe to perk myself up with a new lipstick. I entered from Madison Avenue, passed this interesting sneak peek, and descended the steps…

makeup counters

…to find the floor open for business and a grand opening party just beginning! If I’d known, I’d have primped a little bit before heading over. Oh, well. I began circulating and browsing nonetheless, camera in hand.

The new floor plan feels spacious and well-organized, the lighting is more flattering than it used to be, and everything looks clean and sharp and modern.

perfume counter

The perfume counter is still located along its usual wall, but now it has some snazzy undulating counters and a mirrored backdrop. It seems to go on forever.

serge lutens

Serge Lutens has an austere marble sanctuary of its own. Have you stopped by to see the bell jars yet? If not, you should. And the staff is very gracious and helpful.

terry de g

You may already be familiar with Terry de Gunzberg’s skincare and cosmetics. She has also just released a collection of four elegant fragrances. Phillip, the sales associate at this counter, walked me through them. One, in particular, made me swoon a bit.


A quick pause for refreshments in front of the Frederic Malle boutique area.

greg lauren sign

Greg Lauren is an actor-artist-designer and a nephew of Ralph. (Although, then, wouldn’t his last name really be Lifshitz? I guess he changed it, too.) Barneys has just collaborated with Lauren and with perfumer Ralf Schwieger (one of my favorites!) on a fragrance. It’s exclusive to Barneys, naturally.

greg lauren

There’s Greg Lauren himself, checking out the display of his signature scent.

troy surratt

Let’s look at some makeup, since that was the original purpose of my visit! Makeup artist Troy Surratt has just launched his new line at Barneys. I don’t think the colors are “me,” but they’re fun to stare at.


I’ve browsed the MAKE website a few times, so I’m glad to know that I can now visit this line in person. It’s a cosmetics brand with an arty slant, and the counter staff seemed very welcoming. I’ll have to go back.


I had to stop and admire this eye-catching Givenchy display. Barneys also carries the hard-to-find Givenchy skincare line.


One of my favorite Barneys people, whom I’ve known for about eight years. This is Ynolde. You can find her at the Clé de Peau Beauté counter. She’s a professional, an expert, and just a lovely person.


It’s 2013, so there must be an iPad somewhere within arm’s reach! This one is showing “The Window,” which seems to be Barneys’ online magazine.


The Apothecary department really benefits from its new, larger space. All the products are much more visible. A nice young woman introduced me to the Rituals bath-and-body line. And wait, who’s that taking a photo of the Malin + Goetz display?


It’s Matthew Malin, as sweet as ever. I remember when M + G was new to Barneys…


Back at the fragrance department, let’s go out with some music! Only Barneys would have a DJ this stylish and beautiful.

I’m glad I happened to stumble into this event (even if I felt slightly bedraggled and underdressed!), and even gladder that I had my camera with me. I’m sure I’ll be going back soon.

The Barneys New York flagship store is located at Madison Avenue and 61st Street.

Images: all photographs by Tinsel Creation.


4 thoughts on “A Visit to Barneys New York’s New & Improved Foundation

  1. I want to go to there. Lol. That looks like my kind of toy store. Lucky you to stumble on the grand opening. I’m sure you looked fine. Did you ever get the lipstick you went in for?

    1. Hours of fun, right?! I was looking at the Lipstick Queen “Velvet Rope” collection, but they were a bit more intense (and expensive) than I realized, so I’m still thinking about them…

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