Poppy King / Lipstick Queen at Barneys New York


I promise that this blog isn’t really turning into a Lipstick Queen / Barneys fan page! There just happens to be a lot happening in both topics right now.

On Saturday, for example, Poppy King—the Lipstick Queen herself—made a personal appearance at Barneys on Madison Avenue. I made a quick visit in the afternoon to say hello and to check out the new Velvet Rope collection.


There are a few Velvet Rope lipsticks (the ones in the square cases), mixed in with some Sinners, Saints, and a stray Chinatown. The Velvet Rope information cards are stacked in the foreground.

I may, just may, review a Velvet Rope or two in the near future—stay tuned!


Here are two more Velvet Rope lippies (Private Party and Brat Pack) displayed alongside a few of Poppy King’s vintage cosmetics compacts. So chic.


Lip-shaped cookies and sweet little napkins printed with lipsticks and lipstick markings!


And here’s Poppy, giving lipstick suggestions to customers. Look at her rose-patterned dress and her lipstick-red shoes! I love the contrast of these very feminine items with her short, tomboyish haircut.

Barneys was holding its bi-annual beauty-and-fragrance event this week, so the Foundation floor was quite busy; but even amidst all the hustle and bustle, the Lipstick Queen was a star. And despite the small crowd gathering around her, she still found a way to spend time with every visitor.

More to come!


One thought on “Poppy King / Lipstick Queen at Barneys New York

  1. ooh- I love Poppy King’s aesthetic and have been lemming the lipstick queen lippies forever..Are the ‘saints’ very sheer? Which are your favorites?

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