Covet: Deborah Lippmann Space Oddity Nail Color Trio


Deborah Lippman is offering a limited edition trio of nail colors for the Holiday 2013 season. The set is called Space Oddity, and it includes three layerable shades titled When Lightning Strikes (“celestial silver”), Planet Rock (“smoky lavender”), and Baby I’m a Star (“galactic rose gold”).

I really do not need any new nail polishes, even ones named after a classic David Bowie song. I already own a greyish-lilac polish (Sally Hansen Commander in Chic!), and I could probably find some cheapie glitter topcoats at the drugstore to layer over it for a similar effect.


All the same, it’s a great concept. I don’t always enjoy rock/cosmetics tie-ins (remember Estée Lauder’s Violet Underground collection?!), but Lippmann—a performer herself—finds a relevant way to connect her own products to the glittery era of early glam rock.

The Space Oddity set ($29) is available at the Deborah Lippmann website and B-Glowing, as well as other locations.


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