Product Review: Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick in Wineberry


This is the third of three reviews covering products from an unexpected splurge at Face Stockholm in New York. Today’s pick is Veil Lipstick in a shade called Wineberry—you can see its silvertone case and its pink box  in the group shot above.

Face Stockholm’s Lip Veil formula offers “a sheer wash of moisturizing color,” which makes it idea for spring and summer, or whenever a slightly less-made-up-than-usual look is in order.


No matter what any glossy magazines or advertisements tell me, I will not be wearing vivid! vibrant! fruit punch! popsicle! makeup colors this summer…or ever. I might turn to lighter textures or sheerer pigments in the hot weather, but I’ll still be using rose and berry shades for my lips.

Wineberry is a simply perfect shade (for fair, cooler-toned brunettes like me, at least) with a self-explanatory name: it falls midway between wine and berry. I really don’t have to hesitate when I pull this tube out of my purse, because it suits most of my clothing as well as my coloring, and it fits almost any everyday occasion.


Here are two swatches of Wineberry on the inside of my arm. The swatch on the left is one “coat” of lipstick; the swatch on the right shows two “coats.” As you can see, this formula goes a bit streaky if you try to build it up; it really works best as a “veil” of color, as in the one-coat swatch. Even one coat enhances and deepens my natural lip color, however, so I don’t need to over-apply.

Veil Lipstick in Wineberry actually wears fairly well for a sheer lipstick; it won’t last through lunch, but it gets through an average morning or afternoon, losing some of its sheen but staying as a light stain of color.

In conclusion: very recommended, if you’re in the market for a sheer, non-drying lip color in a classic berry tint.

Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick ($22) is available at Face Stockholm boutiques and I purchased mine at the Face Stockholm boutique at The Shops at Columbus Circle in NYC.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick in Wineberry

  1. Wineberry is a *beautiful* color, and I’m a fair, cool-toned brunette, but it actually seems a little tame for my taste.
    I’m one of the ones who will be wearing the “Vivid! vibrant! fruit punch! popsicle!” colors on my lips this summer.
    I do tend to favor sheer colors in warm weather, though.

    1. Sometimes I do wear slightly lighter shades… a sort-of-bright rose, or a peachy pink… especially in the summer. But I have to be in the right mood! Maybe I just like having a choice. ;)

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