Covet: Joya x Katz’s Deli Chocolate Egg Cream Candle

joya katz

Joya Studio is an independent, New York-based company that makes high-quality candles (often in very artistic packaging) and the occasional perfume. Joya has teamed up with other local businesses for special projects from time to time, but this latest collaboration might be my favorite yet. It’s a chocolate egg cream-scented candle—a collaboration with the legendary Lower East Side eatery Katz’s Delicatessen.

I’m not usually a fan of gourmand-fragranced candles, but I’d make an exception in this case. And just look at the box, with its vintage-style label, and the candle container, which looks like an actual drinking glass that would be used to serve up an egg cream at Katz’s.

Joya Katz egg cream

What do you mean, “what’s an egg cream?” Well, I guess it is a New York City-area thing. An egg cream is a delicious cold beverage made with chocolate syrup (Fox’s U-Bet being the preferred brand), ice-cold milk, and seltzer water. It does not contain eggs or cream. Its exact origins are unknown, but it has existed in New York since the World War I era, and maybe even since the late years of the nineteenth century.

Just have one, if you ever get the chance.

This candle sells for $25 at the Joya and Katz’s websites.

Images: both photos via Katz’s Delicatessen website.


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