Summer Sale: Mullein & Sparrow

m and s

I wrote about Mullein & Sparrow, an all-natural skincare company based in New York, over a year ago when I visited a craft market, and I reviewed one of their products here. I’ve been following the brand’s doings ever since.


And here’s some good news: Mullein & Sparrow is having a summer sale on all its products through June 30, 2014. You can get 20% off all orders with the code SUMMER at check out. United States orders over $75 ship free.

To shop at the Mullein & Sparrow website, you can click the floral image above, or here.

(Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link. I’ve shopped with M&S before, and I really do like their products.)


5 thoughts on “Summer Sale: Mullein & Sparrow

    1. Hi, Lucy! The color is subtle on the lips, but definitely noticeable (unless you have deeply pigmented lips to begin with). It looks a bit more intense (and dewy) on the cheeks.

  1. So I just bought some stuff from their website, and then clicked over to their etsy store and saw some of the items i had just purchased from the website listed at half the price. Might want to check the etsy site as the prices are even cheaper than the 20% off. Kind of weird and I wish I had checked before i purchased.

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