harrier whittier frees 1914 loc

Today is my birthday. I wish we could all get together “in real life” for cake and conversation!

Image: Harry Whittier Frees, 1914, Library of Congress.


14 thoughts on “Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jessica! May your day be filled with joy and wonder … all adoration, all the fringes, all the color and all tinsel creation. Many happy returns from your fans here peeking out from the serene depths of our lurkers’ grove.

  2. I wanted to take this opportunity to both express my gratitude as well as wish you a very Happy Birthday! I noticed that in researching interesting perfumes, my searches were repeatedly hitting your NST reviews. So, in a migraine induced shut down, I read all of your posts and honed quite a sample list for myself– thank you! I am, however, fully weirded out by all that we have in common, at least on paper. One day, if you are interested, I will elaborate. I wish I could send you a celebratory Theo’s Bread & Chocolate bar–coincidently, their factory is next door to one of only two good perfume shops in Seattle (where I live). An olfactory dream :)

    1. This comment makes me so happy! and — based on your location — I have a funny feeling that I’ve “seen” you before on the interwebs. May I write to you at the e-mail you used to register your comment? ;)

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