Product Review: Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in Pinky Groove (364)

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Well, my infatuation with Guerlain cosmetics continues, so I thought I’d post another lipstick review. Pinky Groove is a shade from the revamped KissKiss line, launched in late summer 2014. Like many shades in the KissKiss collection, it has a silly-sounding name but it’s a beautiful color. The official product shot (above) is very close to the actual product, but I took a few photos of my own nevertheless…


Pinky Groove isn’t really a pink shade; I’d describe it as a cool rosy-plum with a shimmery sheen. It would work best for cool-to-neutral skintones. Here you can see it in all its black-clad glory. (I’m so glad that Guerlain dumped the all-gold cases.)

The new KissKiss lipsticks have a light violet scent, which I love. Then again, some of my favorite perfumes from Guerlain also include violet notes…


Here’s Pinky Groove on my arm in very diffused sunlight, looking a touch more mauve-y than it does in brighter light. You can see the very fine silvery shimmer here; don’t worry, it doesn’t translate as “sparkle” on lips!


And here’s the same swatch photographed in sunlight, where the color looks truer. The KissKiss formula feels creamy and slightly moisturizing, and its coverage is moderate. This is full-coverage lipstick with a satiny finish and delicate shimmer that keep it flattering and fresh. (I’m just not a matte lip person.) It isn’t as long lasting as the Rouge G collection, but it still performs very, very well.

I thought I’d be saving Pinky Groove for “special occasions,” but I love it so much that I’ve been using it regularly. If I had a current “top five” list of lipsticks, this one would definitely make the cut; it’s my new favorite for fall, but I really could wear it anytime, anywhere.

Do you have any favorite new lip color this fall? Please share, so that I feel less alone in my self-indulgence!

Images: top photo via Guerlain, other photos by Tinsel Creation.

Product source: purchased at Bergdorf Goodman.


One thought on “Product Review: Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in Pinky Groove (364)

  1. Pinky Groove looks lovely here, and I’m sure it suits you very well!

    My latest lipstick purchase is Aveda’s Sugar Apple, which is one of the very few cool-toned shades in their line and is also a pinky-plum with shimmer. It was sort of an impulse buy — I bought their powder foundation and decided on the compact that also has a slot for a lipstick, so of course I then had to buy one of their lipsticks! Pretty clever of them …

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