Passing Fancies: October 2014

lippincotts october 1896 joseph j gould jr

Reading: “Gone Girl.” I’m one of the last people in America to read this book, right? I saw the movie first.

Video: A binge-watch of the first season of “Blacklist” (James Spader!)

Audio: Autumn is always a good time for some Lloyd Cole.

Drink: Some delicious sangria at a tapas restaurant the other night, with my friend M.

Eats & Treats: Various kinds of apples from the farmers market

Garb: A new black cardigan-jacket purchased during Comptoir des Cotonniers’ summer sale

Beauty Products: Some early-release Christmas products (!) from LUSH (reviews to follow!)

Pleasure: Giving my first professional presentation on perfume advertising and art history (more to come, I hope!)

Worry: Ebola. No, just kidding. Maybe.

Stray thought: Since I have more even time than usual to appreciate them lately, I feel very fortunate to have the friends that I have, both near and far.

Image: Joseph J. Gould for Lippincott’s, October 1896.


5 thoughts on “Passing Fancies: October 2014

    1. Well, I’m a book snob… so when I saw *everyone* reading it on the bus and the subway last year, I assumed it was total cr@p. I’m actually enjoying it — much better writing than I would have expected! ;)

  1. Reading: Nothing currently – a huge Amazon book order just shipped today, including Mandy’s new book. YAY, new reading material!

    Video: I’m having this addiction to 80s and 90s training videos from random old retail chains and fast food restaurants.

    Audio: New Flying Lotus, yes. I just saw him in concert last night! AMAZING.

    Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte. I am not ashamed.

    Eats & Treats: Ring Pops and fried chicken.

    Garb: Skinny jeans! So many skinny jeans! And booties.

    Beauty Products: Too many to list, but I did finally order that new Rouge Bunny Rouge palette from Twisted Lily.

    Pleasure: I’ve been enjoying my staycation this week, mostly in the company of one of my best guy friends.

    Worry: My travels next month.

    Stray thought: Isn’t Halloween soon?

  2. Always very interesting to see such a list — been turned on to so many good things that way.
    BTW, just ordered Nars Audacious in Audrey upon the recommendation of a friend, to be used with Chestnut MAC lip pencil, in my continuing effort to find a dark lipstick that stays on more than five minutes.

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