MAC Heirloom Mix Eye Kohl in Prunella ~ Product Review with Swatches

mac heirloom mix

I haven’t bought anything from MAC in several years—my last purchase was a Viva Glam lipstick in the limited edition Cyndi Lauper shade, back in 2010. But I happened to be walking down 5th Avenue on the very day that MAC had unveiled its Holiday 2014 collection, and the visuals in the window of the MAC boutique pulled me right in. The collection is called “Heirloom Mix.”

MAC says:

“Strike an heir of sophistication this holiday season with royally rich colour that exudes an aristocratic allure. The modern woman mixes up an irreverent take on tradition with this collection of hues that casts the classic cameo in a contemporary, glittering light. A regal, romantic and daring affair, this holiday is all about colour that leaves a legacy.”

prunella packaging

Heirloom Mix includes plenty of loose glitters and dark lip colors that I don’t personally need, but there are a few everyday-appropriate items tucked away in this collection too. One is an eyeliner: Eye Kohl Prunella. I believe Prunella is an existing shade that has been re-packaged and re-promoted for the holiday season; a true MAC fanatic would know more about that! In any case, I tried it and I loved it.

prunella close

Here’s a close up of Prunella, which MAC describes as a “dark prune.” I think they mean “dark plum” (prune is French for plum), and Prunella is really a medium plum with some bronze-y microglitter. The sparkles are so fine that they don’t feel scratchy or get dislodged in the eye area, and the overall texture of this Eye Kohl is firm yet creamy.

It’s unfortunate that the name Prunella sounds like one of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters, but this is actually a versatile nearly-neutral shade that could flatter a variety of eye colors and skin tones.

Here are two swatches:

prunella swatch 2

In soft, diffused daylight, Prunella looks plummy with a bit of shimmer. I usually stick to brown and taupe eye liners (I have brown eyes), but a makeup artist recently suggested that I should give plum and purple liners a try, and I think she gave me some good advice. Prunella defines my eyes without looking too heavy or dark.

And here’s a swatch in direct sunlight:

prunella swatch 1

Prunella looks warmer and more brownish in brighter light, and the subtle glitter is slightly more visible.

I drew a letter M (for MAC) and a curlicue to show how smoothly this Eye Kohl applies. It also lasts throughout the workday without migrating or smudging, and it sharpens easily in a standard sharpener. I’ve been using Prunella regularly, to the point where I’m neglecting my usual Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon. It was an impulse purchase that’s turning out to be a worthwhile investment.

MAC Eye Kohl in the Heirloom Mix collection is priced at $17.50.

Product source: I purchased this product at a MAC boutique.


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