Passing Fancies: December 2014

century december 1894 louis rhead

Reading: I just started John O’Hara’s Butterfield 8

Video: “It’s a Wonderful Life,” shown on the big screen at Jersey City’s historic Loew’s. Such a treat.

Audio: I finally jumped aboard the Serial bandwagon! I’m on Episode 7 right now…

Art: I’ve been giving museum tours but I need to check out some new shows. I’m very behind-the-times.

Drink: Too much coffee

Eats & Treats: Mr. TC just brought back a package of mostaccioli. I’m trying not to devour every last one.

cat brooch

Garb: I bought this funny vintage brooch at a shop in Baltimore in November. It makes everyone smile when I wear it.

Beauty Products: My new “co-washing” routine has already benefited my hair. Thank you, Deva and Jessicurl! Product reviews to follow soon.

Pleasure: A new phone! My old one was 4 years old and was giving me problems.

Worry: The possibility of many snowstorms again this winter.

Stray thought: I never quite got around to sending Christmas cards this year. I feel guilty about that.

Image: Louis Rhead for Century (1894).


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