Mini Perfume Bottle Project at Osswald NYC


If you’ve ever visited the Osswald boutique in New York (you can read my review of it here!), you must have noticed the wall display of hundreds of mini perfume bottles. It’s a unique and fascinating installation.

Osswald is currently sourcing new mini bottles for its display and is inviting its customers to contribute. Here is the official information (thanks to my friend Josie, who is a member of the Osswald NYC team)…

How would you like to be featured on our famous miniature perfume bottle wall? Osswald NYC is doing its annual update and Spring cleaning of its “perfume shrine” and is looking for donations of exceptional mini bottles.

If you have minis that you’d like to donate, we’ll offer you a 10% discount code good for anything on our website (discount code is good for one use only)! They’re looking for bottles – preferably vintage – that still have some or most of the fragrance in the bottle. Not all bottles will be accepted – a photo or photos of the bottles will be required before we accept the donation, and said photos do not guarantee acceptance.

For more details, email Josie at – a discount code will be emailed to you upon acceptance and receipt of your donated bottles. 

An extra note: Osswald will pay the shipping costs of all donated bottles. Do have one or two you’d consider contributing to the display? Snap it and see what happens!

Image via Osswald’s Facebook page.


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