Passing Fancies: April 2015


Reading: A biography of Jean-Michel Basquiat that I bought years ago and was just inspired to read after seeing the current “Basquiat Notebooks” at the Brooklyn Museum

Art: See above

Video: “Game of Thrones” is back! 

Audio: Lots of Billie Holiday

Drink: Tulsi Rose herbal tea

Eats & Treats: Leftover Easter chocolate, including some very fancy eggs from Maison du Chocolat

Garb: Fluevog heels

Beauty Products: Aroma M Beauty’s new Camellia Cleansing Oil…review to come soon!

Purchase: a small black stone diffuser for essential oils

Pleasure: more daylight, milder temperatures, easier commutes

Worry: My wacky new schedule means that I have to check my datebook obsessively, lest I end up in the wrong place on the wrong day.

Stray Thought: I’m really looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms bloom this year.

Image: “April” from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.


One thought on “Passing Fancies: April 2015

  1. Hi Jessica!!

    Reading: Leanda De Lisle’s “Tudor: The Story of England’s Most Notorious Royal Family.”

    Art: Spring makes me wish I had a huge print of Monet’s Water Lillies hanging in my apartment.

    Video: I don’t watch TV =(

    Audio: Taylor McFerrin

    Drink: Fortnum and Mason’s Fortmason Tea, the most gorgeous orange blossom tea ever!

    Eats & Treats: Yesterday I had delicious tacos at Chavellas on Franklin Ave. off of Sterling…it’s not too far from the Brooklyn Museum/Botanic Garden. You should go!

    Garb: Thin sweaters.

    Beauty Products: CoverFX Custom Cover Drops and the Tarte Tartelette palette.

    Purchase: Just picked up the Stila Spirit palette last night.

    Pleasure: Sunlight, blooming flowers, a release of work stress, and my boyfriend’s hugs.

    Worry: My skin is a mess and I need a facial STAT but I don’t know a good facialist!

    Stray Thought: What do I have for lunch today?!

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