Product Review: Lipstick Queen Belle Epoque in Belle Wine

LQ collage

Lipstick Queen’s latest launch is Belle Epoque, a lip balm that hydrates while adding a hint of color and shine. It’s available in three shades: Belle Pink, Belle Nude, and Belle Wine.

LQ Belle Epoque sources

Last week I did a little detective work and identified the sources for the Belle Epoque packaging: two 1890s art posters by Jules Chéret. “Belle Epoque” is a term for the era between 1871 and 1914 (those dates signify the end of the Franco-Prussian War and the outbreak of the World War I), when France enjoyed peace. prosperity, and a remarkable flowering of the arts and culture.

Lipstick Queen seems to be focusing on a particular slice of the Belle Epoque: Parisian nightclubs, music-halls, and other colorful entertainments.

IMG_20150809_191957845_HDRHere’s Lipstick Queen’s Belle Epoque in its pot (8 grams of product), which has a translucent, satin-finish bottom and a rose-gold screw-top lid. One warning: the pot’s lid doesn’t screw very far or close very tightly, so it won’t travel well.

Belle Wine is described as a “sheer, sensual wine.” Let’s take a look inside!


Belle Wine is a deep, cool-toned wine with a slight sheen but no shimmer or glitter. I’ve tried it a few times, applying the product with the tip of my little finger, and I’m enjoying it so far. Belle Epoque’s formula really does feel balm-y. It’s not slippery, so it stays in place; yet it’s not sticky, either.

IMG_20150810_165930756 (1)

Here’s my sad attempt at a swatch. I dabbed Belle Epoque onto my inner wrist and photographed it in diffused daylight; as usual, the result isn’t great, but I hope it will give you a general idea. On skin, Belle Wine looks less potentially goth and more berry-like.

It’s a sheer lip color, definitely—but it’s a tinted balm, so that’s what I expected.


Here’s another photo of Belle Wine, with the ingredients list visible on its box. You’ll notice shea butter and rice lipids amongst the other (synthetic) ingredients.

In addition to its joie de vivre (mentioned by the Lipstick Queen press release), Belle Epoque has that je ne sais quoi of a high-end product in its look and feel. At $20, it’s not inexpensive, but it’s still priced far less than comparable tinted balms from By Terry or Dior.

Lastly, if you’re following trends: deep wine/berry lips are in (again!), and this is a more natural, low-maintenance way to test that trend with a subtle wash of color.

To read my earlier post about the packaging for this product, click here.

Lipstick Queen Belle Epoque is currently available through the Lipstick Queen website, Space NK, and Nordstrom.

Product source: this product was provided as a press sample.

Product photos by Tinsel Creation.


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