Passing Fancies, September 2015


This September is turning out to be busy, yet energizing in all sorts of weird ways.

Video: Finally starting to watch the final season of Mad Men (no spoilers!)

I recently whipped through The Girl on the Train. Thank you, C., for lending your copy to me!

“China: Through the Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on one of its final days. Mixed feelings about this one.

Drink: Coffee and more coffee.

Eats & Treats: I’ve gotten hooked on the orange-hazelnut-chocolate-chip poundcake sold in the our workplace cafe.

Garb: I finally found the perfect (and pretty affordable) black cardigan to replace some oldies that just fell apart.

Beauty Products: Cheapie lip crayons from Jordana (“Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain”) are my new favorites. You just never know!

Purchase: A paper-shredder. I’m irrationally excited about this.

Pleasure: After a very long period of procrastination, I’ve cleaned my desk and reorganized my filing cabinet (hence the purchase of a shredder!). What a relief.

Worry: Jury duty coming up. I hope I can get in and out easily.

Stray Thought: I’m going to attend my first-ever NYFW runway show. Anticipation!

Image: “September” from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.


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