Passing Fancies: February 2015

greenaway february

Reading: Just finished Shirley Jackson’s The Road Through the Wall

Video: A bootleg copy of The Revenant

Audio: Still paying homage to David Bowie

Work by Marcel Dzama

Art: A Marcel Dzama installation at Lincoln Center, in conjunction with the New York City Ballet’s “The Most Incredible Thing in the World”

Drink: Harney & Sons Valentine’s Tea (black tea with chocolate and rosebuds!)

Eats & Treats: Antipasto from the local Italian grocery

Garb: A pair of black boots that I bought on sale in January — just Clark’s, but very warm and practical and not bad-looking!

Beauty Products:  C. O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm Lip Treatment is a surprisingly effective (and affordable) fix for chapped cold-weather lips

Purchase: STAR WARS valentine cards for co-workers, because I couldn’t resist (and I have fun co-workers)

Pleasure: Looking forward to attending Anna Sui’s runway show this week

Worry: Hiring a new team member at work and hoping for the right candidate to come along

Stray Thought: I should spend more time in the West Village. And the East Village. I’m just not in Manhattan much anymore.

Images: Kate Greenaway, Almanack for 1891, via New York Public Library Digital Collections. Marcel Dzama, photo by Tinsel Creation.


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