Passing Fancies ~ June 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.35.32 PM.png


Reading: Patricia Bosworth’s biography of Diane Arbus. Work-related, but pretty engrossing nonetheless.

Video: I’m about to start watching “Lady Dynamite,” Maria Bamford’s new Netflix series.

Audio: Earlier this month, I had Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” playing on heavy rotation for a while. I think it was the sample from that old Andy Williams song that hooked me, subconsciously…

Art: I’m really behind on my museum-going (beyond my actual museum job and freelance museum tours, of course). It’s embarrassing.

Drink: Iced coffee is back in season. Hooray!

Eats & Treats: Strawberries. Hooray again!

Garb: I’ve rotated my espadrilles and sandals back out for summer. (Also, I finally got a pedicure so that I can wear the latter without embarrassment.) And I’ve donated lots of used shoes to a local charity and sent off a big bag of gently used clothing to ThredUp, so I’m feeling good about that.

Beauty Products: I hate to say it, but Bumble and bumble’s new products for curly hair are much better than I expected. Especially the mousse.

Purchase: See above.

Pleasure: Neighborhood hang-outs and good friends to meet there.

Worry: An event like the Orlando mass shooting puts things smaller worries into perspective for the time being.

Stray Thought: I wish I were blogging here more frequently. I’m just juggling more projects than usual this year.

Images: Kate Greenaway, Almanack for 1891, via New York Public Library Digital Collections.


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