Passing Fancies ~ July 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.41.54 PM.png

Reading: Diane Arbus: In the Beginning.

Video: “The Night Of,” on HBO.

Audio: My earworm for the past few days has been Simon & Garfunkel’s “American Tune.” Long story.

Art: Centuries and centuries of glass objects and glass art at the Corning Museum in Corning, New York.


Drink: P.A.T.H. Pale Ale. This made me laugh, and I had to try it. It’s a New Jersey thing.

Eats & Treats: Maple-syrup candies from a trip to Western New York State.

Garb: Shirtwaist dresses, filmy print scarves, black Worishofer sandals.

Beauty Products: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Moonlight is a new favorite.

Purchase: A big one: we had to replace our air-conditioning unit. Sigh.

Pleasure: I’m enjoying Pokemon Go, even though I never played the original game. Deal with it.

Worry: A few friends of mine are going through tough times right now.

Stray Thought: New York has really smelled bad during this latest heat wave.

Images: Kate Greenaway, Almanack for 1891, via New York Public Library Digital Collections.


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