Just Because: Loterie National des Parfums, 1939


Loterie Nationale (National Lottery) poster designed by Edgard Derouet and Charles Lesacq, dated 1939.

(This is pretty much how I feel when I buy a special new perfume or find a vintage perfume at an estate sale.)


Bergdorf Goodman (and Matisse): Vintage Advertisement, 1964


I’ve had this vintage magazine advertisement saved for a while. It’s a Bergdorf Goodman promotion for an “autumn afternoon dress” by Townley, available in Bergdorf’s “Country & Casual Shop” for $110. The illustrator showed his elegant female figure (wearing not only the Townley frock, but also heels, hat, gloves, and earrings) enjoying several works of art…

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Just for a laugh: Topps “My Sink” Wacky Packs Trading Card


Are you old enough to remember the Wacky Packs trading cards sold by Topps in the 1970s and 1980s? Did you own any? They were very popular at my grade school. Although I didn’t personally own any, I could appreciate their parodies of popular consumer products. I don’t remember this card specifically, but now that I’m looking at it, I’m finding it pretty humorous. It’s a direct parody of Lanvin’s classic fragrance My Sin, released in 1924 and discontinued in 1988.

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Josephine Baker, Arpege, and a Decorating Fantasy

In an age when the phrase “style icon” is used to describe virtually any actress or model who hires a professional stylist and receives loans of designer gowns for red-carpet events, it can be hard to remember that there was a time when true, one-of-a-kind stars like Josephine Baker captured the public imagination.

But, to the point: Am I the last person to learn that Josephine Baker’s favorite perfume was Lanvin’s Arpège?

lanvin bottle

I don’t remember what exactly I was searching for, but I came across this interesting piece of fragrance trivia…and something even better.

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