5 Desk-Drawer Essentials (2016 Version)


Way back in 2012 (!), I wrote about some of my desk-drawer essentials. I recently sat and looked at my desktop, which is a different location from four years ago, and decided to round up a few of my current favorites… Continue reading “5 Desk-Drawer Essentials (2016 Version)”

Photo Album: By The Sea, Part 2

During our recent weekend “down the Shore,” my husband and I stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in Ocean Grove, but we also spent time in adjacent Asbury Park. Asbury Park is by far the better known of the two towns, famous for its boardwalk amusements and its longtime association with Bruce Springsteen. Like Ocean Grove, it has also made something of a comeback in the past quarter-century. Continue reading “Photo Album: By The Sea, Part 2”