5 Desk-Drawer Essentials (2016 Version)


Way back in 2012 (!), I wrote about some of my desk-drawer essentials. I recently sat and looked at my desktop, which is a different location from four years ago, and decided to round up a few of my current favorites…


From left to right:

R2-D2 Gum. I always have some kind of gum or mints in my desk, but I bought this Trident chewing gum just because of the container. They offered a few different STAR WARS characters, but R2-D2 is the obvious fit for something this shape.

Tea. Right now I’m enjoying two different blends from Le Palais des Thés. This one is Fruit de la Passion, with bits of real passionfruit. I’m really sorry that Le Palais des Thés has closed its NYC locations.

Asbury Park Coaster. This is a souvenir from Asbury Park, NJ. The face is the famous character named “Tilly” that graced the exterior of Palace Amusements before it was demolished. It makes me smile.

Enfleurage White Rose Water. An all-natural spray that I use on my face, my hair, or just the space around me (if no one is nearby). It provides moisture and a soothing aroma.

LUSH Love and Light Hand Cream. A rich lotion that comforts my dry hands and cracked cuticles while uplifting my spirits with the scent of neroli.

What do you have on your desk these days, for little extra boosts of pleasure and efficiency?


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