Quick Reads: TV Holiday Specials of the 70s and 80s

carpenters at christmas

It’s that time of year…when holiday specials start appearing on television. As least we’re not bombarded by “star-studded” Christmas variety-shows as frequently as we were in the 1970s-80s. I recently wrote a run-down of a few of the most memorable examples of that genre. You can read it here.


On the Street: Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman, Christmas 2013


I took this photo on Christmas Day, when Mr. TC and I were taking a quick tour of the store windows on Fifth Avenue. Bergdorf Goodman’s theme for the 2013 holiday season is “Holidays on Ice,” and this window is “Valentine’s Day.” You’re just seeing a detail of it here: the overall scene is complex and magical, and hard to capture on film. But even so, can you spot the pastries and confectionary, and the love letters on the woman’s desk, and the carnations spilling off her gown, and her pink fur stole?!

You can read more about these windows and view official photos at the Bergdorf blog.