Boxwalla Beauty Box Review, April 2016


I’ve mentioned Boxwalla before—I’ve been a subscriber to other “beauty box” brands in the past, but this one really seems to fit my tastes and needs. It’s bi-monthly, and it’s pricier than some others, but the products are unusual and exceptionally good, and they all come from small, independent businesses.

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5 Products for “Low-Makeup” Days


I wear makeup whenever I leave the house, i.e. every day; more for work or evenings, of course, and less on weekends or days off when I plan to stay local. I don’t really “do” no-makeup days, but do have a low-makeup (lo-makeup?) routine that’s slightly more streamlined than my office look or my night-out look. Here are five tried-and-true products for days when I’m keeping things simple.

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Product Review: Smashbox Baked Fusion Soft Lights (Baked Starblush)


As I’ve probably mentioned before, I don’t indulge in every cosmetics category as deeply as I do in lipstick. I own just two blushes, for example, and a few single-serving samples of bronzer and highlighter, and I usually find that’s enough for me to have on hand.

However, when I received an offer of this combination blush-highlighter from Smashbox, I was so taken by its rose-y colors and its fun pinwheel effect that I had to accept.

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Product Review: Paul & Joe Cheek Color Fall 2015 Limited Edition


Although I tend to accumulate more lipsticks and perfumes than I need, I actually don’t own many blushes. My current collection is comprised of one Sunday Riley blush (nearly empty) and one Milano blush from the drugstore. This Paul & Joe Cheek Color, a limited edition for Fall 2015, is going to replace the Sunday Riley.

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Product Review: Nonie Creme/Colour Prevails Classic Lip Duo Lipstick/Gloss in Vintage Rose (01), with Swatch

colour prevails vintage roseHere’s another review from my drugstore mini-binge on Nonie Creme/Colour Prevails products! This is Colour Prevails’ Classic Lip Duo, including lipstick and lip gloss, in the wonderfully named shade Vintage Rose (01). I know — how could I resist?

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