Screen Time: A Perfume Moment on “Mad Men”

peggy close up

I’m still thinking about Mad Men‘s season finale, even though I viewed it a week ago. So much drama, so much emotion—and a perfume mention! It came up during Peggy’s seductive appearance in the doorway of the Sterling Cooper & Partners conference room.

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Covet: Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection 2013

estee mad men

I somehow didn’t know anything about this new Mad Men-inspired cosmetics collection until I happened to pass an Estée Lauder counter in Nordstrom last weekend.

It’s a small collection, just three items: a blush called Light Show, a lipstick called Pinkadelic, and a nail polish called Pink Paisley, all presented in late-1960s-style packaging reproduced from the Lauder archives.

I don’t need another rosey pink lipstick, or another pale pink polish, or another blush—especially not at this price point, which seems somewhat high for the brand. All the same, I had a moment of weakness there at the Lauder counter.


I warded off temptation, but this collection did remind me how much I’m looking forward to Mad Men‘s sixth season. Countdown to April 7th!

Images: product photo via Estée Lauder, Mad Men promotional photo via AMC.