Screen Time: A Perfume Moment on “Mad Men”

peggy close up

I’m still thinking about Mad Men‘s season finale, even though I viewed it a week ago. So much drama, so much emotion—and a perfume mention! It came up during Peggy’s seductive appearance in the doorway of the Sterling Cooper & Partners conference room.

She had just changed and made herself up for an evening out on the town, and she timed her unexpected visit to the conference room for maximum impact. The looks on the faces of Harry, Jim, and poor hapless Ted were priceless.

peggy and men

PEGGY OLSON: I’m leaving a little early because I have plans. I hope that’s okay.


JIM CUTLER: [long pause] Yes. Of course, dear. [pause] Chanel no. 5?

 PEGGY OLSON: It’s all I wear.

peggy leaving



9 thoughts on “Screen Time: A Perfume Moment on “Mad Men”

  1. Elizabeth Moss is fabulous. It’s been such fun to watch the evolution of Peggy Olson over the years.

      1. it’s in my Netflix queue, but I seem to prioritize sci-fi stuff above it… it’s pretty far down the list. eventually.

  2. Haha that was a fun reference, J- though I cringed just a tiny bit for Peggy. The Shalimar reference was great too (I made one of my ‘seeee perfume!!’ comments to my husband lol). I absolutely LOVE madmen – it is such a well written show. I really think American TV is of a much higher quality than American film. Peggy used to be my favorite character in the first few seasons but I’ve gotten more interested in Joan in the later seasons. I can’t wait for next season.

    P.S I think this is my first time commenting on your blog..:)

    1. Hello, L!! That scene *was* a bit cringe-inducing, because it was strange to see Peggy resorting to that strategy to get Ted’s attention! Still, she did look fabulous. And she smelled good, too, apparently! ;)

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