Five on Five: Desk-Drawer Beauty Essentials

I recently began a new job, and in addition to the big positive picture of having work that challenges and satisfies me, it feels great to have a fresh new desk where I can get organized.

I’ve also been setting my usual small stash of beauty products in a drawer, for mid-day maintenance and small emergencies. Here are five of my essentials…

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Product Review: Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 30

Even though the ayurvedic spa Pratima is located in New York, I didn’t know about it until three years ago, when I came across some Pratima Skincare products in a salon-boutique in Philadelphia. Ever since I first brought home a few of those products, I’ve made many visits to Pratima Spa to restock my supply of Neem Rose Face Sunscreen.

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