Product Review: Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 30

Even though the ayurvedic spa Pratima is located in New York, I didn’t know about it until three years ago, when I came across some Pratima Skincare products in a salon-boutique in Philadelphia. Ever since I first brought home a few of those products, I’ve made many visits to Pratima Spa to restock my supply of Neem Rose Face Sunscreen.

I’m fair-skinned and I’m sensitive to quite a few ingredients, so whenever I find a sun-protection product that works for me, I hang onto it. This is one such product. It contains a high concentration of zinc oxide as a physical sunblock, plus several soothing botanical extracts and minimal preservatives.

Neem Rose Face Sunscreen feels like a lightweight facial lotion. It’s not quite moisturizing enough for me to use on its own (my skin tends towards dryness), so I mix one or two pumps with my morning moisturizer or layer it on top of the moisturizer. It gives me excellent sun protection for my daily urban life and it has never once irritated my skin.

(Please excuse the wear-and-tear to the label in these photos; the bottle gets used every day and moves around a lot in my makeup box!)

Here’s a close-up of the ingredients list, which I’ll also type out, since it’s so brief: distilled water, non-nano micronized zinc oxide 18.6%, neem, shatavari, licorice, brahmi, lechithin, rose essential oil, xanthan gum, and vitamin E.

I don’t know how this product manages to contain so much zinc oxide without feeling or looking like school paste, but it really does have a “silky” texture and it absorbs quickly and evenly into my skin. It works well under makeup, and it even has a light, natural rose scent, which I love.

There’s just one problem with Neem Rose Sunscreen, and it makes me feel almost bad about recommending this product. It’s currently available only through Pratima Spa and the Pratima Skincare website, and the shipping (via UPS) is quite high, even if you only purchase one item. I keep hoping that Pratima Skincare will expand its distribution a bit, if it can do so without sacrificing the quality of its products.

Neem Rose Face Sunscreen is sold for $18 (2 oz.) via the Pratima Skincare website.

Disclaimer: this product was purchased by the reviewer (many times over).

Images:Raphael Kirchner, detail of Sun Women (1901), via Wikipaintings; product photos by Tinsel Creation.


10 thoughts on “Product Review: Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 30

  1. Hi there! I work for Pratima and this was such a lovely surprise to come across this review, thank you! We’re so happy to hear the positive feedback for our sunscreens. They’ve been extremely popular this year! In regards to shipping, the fee you see on our site is automatically generated from UPS. Since we are a small company, we do not get the same advantages as larger. more mainstream ones. We make absolutely NO profit from shipping and are working VERY hard at the moment to try and get competitive shipping choices for our customers. In terms of distribution, you hit the nail on the head, it’s all about maintaining the integrity of the products and because of this, we grow, but we grow slowly. We certainly hope our customers will stay with us on that journey:) Thank you again for such kind words. We really appreciate it and will be sharing this post with our friends and fans soon!

    1. Jocelyn, Thank you for reading and responding! It really is an excellent product. I feel lucky, since I’m able to stop by the spa whenever I need more sunscreen (or more facial oil, etc.), but I do feel a little guilty raving about a product that might be hard for readers to get their hands on. Hopefully they’ll trust me and believe that this sunscreen is worth the UPS charges, because it *is*. Thanks again. ;)

  2. I may look into this. I wear sunscreen every day under my makeup. Right now I use one by Neutrogena which is a super high SPF and is very light but the ingredient list is just a bunch of chemicals.

    1. Some of those Neutrogena/Purpose/Olay sunscreens do work well! My skin happens to stay calmer when I stick with physical/mineral sunblock and a short ingredients list, which is how I came to try out Pratima. I still wear conventional makeup, but simpler, more natural skincare seems to suit my face best.

  3. I am also a huge fan of Pratima products, having also been introduced to them by the spa I visit in Philly! I use their rosacea products as well as the pearl cream and yes, the sunscreen. :o) I will say this about their shipping: it can be lightning fast. I placed an order late (late!) one night, and received it a day and half later. Amazing! Highly recommended.

    1. I miss Philadelphia! I lived there for 5 years or so. I came across Pratima at a spa in Olde City when I was back to visit friends. I think I’ll need to review a few more products! and yes, the shipping *is* fast. And, even if you add it to the price of the product, the total cost is still lower than many niche/natural skincare brands!

  4. I love Pratima! Yeah, their shipping is steep, but I really love their products. I personally like their Neem Vetiver Body Sunscreen for my daily use body sunscreen. I have very white skin and I live in Texas, where the UV index is never terribly low, so I need something for every single day, even in the winter/on cloudy days.

    Their body sunscreen has I think the best texture of any sunscreen I’ve ever found- especially considering the percentage of Zinc Oxide in it!

    I also really like their Cucumber Aqua Gel- I was using pure argan oil for a while, but it gave me terrible acne, so I switched to that stuff and it works like a charm on my oily-ish skin. It hydrates, brightens my skin, and calms my acne down.

    I really like their stuff and I honestly hope that they can get some more recognition.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Always happy to find another Pratima fan! I really haven’t found anything similar to the Neem Rose Facial Sunscreen. I need something a little more hydrating in winter, so I either mix some Neem Rose and moisturizer in my hand, or else switch to a sunblock-moisturizer combo… but I always go back to Pratima! I also really, really like the Neem Purifying Cream — more of a gel. It’s a really gentle and effective way to treat blemishes.

    1. Hi, Lisa — It was a place in Old City called MOKO, on 3rd Street. However, I was there recently and I found out that they no longer carry Pratima. I don’t think any place does, except Pratima itself… so frustrating!

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