Product Review: Paul & Joe Cheek Color Fall 2015 Limited Edition


Although I tend to accumulate more lipsticks and perfumes than I need, I actually don’t own many blushes. My current collection is comprised of one Sunday Riley blush (nearly empty) and one Milano blush from the drugstore. This Paul & Joe Cheek Color, a limited edition for Fall 2015, is going to replace the Sunday Riley.

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Product Review: Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Eye Color Trio in Cherry Blossom (and Cat Compact!)


Sometimes, on a cloudy and frigid late-winter day when you’re feeling down, you just have to buy something completely self-indulgent and light-hearted. (Well, maybe you don’t, but I do!) This month, it was Paul & Joe Beauté to the rescue. I’m always fond of their limited edition cosmetics packaging, and this kitten design is a Paul & Joe classic.

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Covet: Paul & Joe La Maison

Please excuse my over-the-top enthusiasm in the post I’m about to type.

I’ve been a fan of the Paul & Joe fashion line for the past decade, even though I can’t really afford any of its offerings. (Occasionally I come across something drastically reduced on a sale rack, but that hasn’t happened in years.) On the other hand, I’ve purchased plenty of Paul & Joe Beauté cosmetics, which are always pretty and flattering and are packaged to match the signature prints of Paul & Joe’s clothing.

And now there’s a Paul & Joe housewares line called La Maison! I’ve just read about it in the New York Times (you can see the article here).

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