Repeating Myself: Donna Tartt’s Next Novel, THE GOLDFINCH


Donna Tartt’s publisher has just released the cover of her forthcoming novel, The Goldfinch (scheduled for October 2013).

Bookish quotes Tartt’s editor as saying, “The cover suggests a central moment in the story, which I can’t give away here!”

If only we knew more about that cover design. Oh, wait… didn’t I post a few thoughts about the novel’s title, and a possible pictorial source, when it was first announced in February? Let’s see… right here.

And I was right!


The cover reproduces a detail of the painting The Goldfinch (dated 1654) by Dutch artist Carel  Fabritius, in the collection of The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis.

I think I deserve an advance copy of the novel for making this guess correctly. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Repeating Myself: Donna Tartt’s Next Novel, THE GOLDFINCH

    1. Hell, I’m still feeling peevish about this. As far as I can tell — and I really searched, at the time — I was the first person on the internets to guess the image (before we saw the cover!) and the Fabritius connection. But I am unsung and unhonored. ;)

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