“Secret” Influences on Tana French’s “In the Woods”


“I am, of course, romanticizing; a chronic tendency of mine.” – In the Woods

“I think that [my fatal flaw] is this: a morbid longing for the picturesque at at all costs.” – The Secret History

I didn’t really know anything about Tana French until I read a recent profile in The New Yorker, which made me curious about her work for several reasons. So when my friend C. offered me her copy of In The Woods, I accepted it and jumped in.

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My Tumblr Life, Part 3

p01js8t2A new year, a new Tumblr project! I’m still reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, taking my time (and taking occasional short breaks when the novel’s many episodes of loss overwhelm me a bit). In the meantime, I’ve started a Tumblr as a sort of collage-homage, juxtaposing images of places, objects, and works of art that occur in the story. You can view it here.

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Image: via BBC.

Repeating Myself: Donna Tartt’s Next Novel, THE GOLDFINCH


Donna Tartt’s publisher has just released the cover of her forthcoming novel, The Goldfinch (scheduled for October 2013).

Bookish quotes Tartt’s editor as saying, “The cover suggests a central moment in the story, which I can’t give away here!”

If only we knew more about that cover design. Oh, wait… didn’t I post a few thoughts about the novel’s title, and a possible pictorial source, when it was first announced in February? Let’s see… right here.

And I was right!

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Good News: Donna Tartt’s Next Novel Has Been Announced and Is Available for Pre-Order

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.18.36 PM

I just learned that Donna Tartt’s third novel will be released later this year. It’s titled The Goldfinch and, according to Amazon, it has a release date of October 22, 2013.

I’ve been meaning for a while to write a post about Donna Tartt. Maybe I will, soon. For now, I’ll just say that her first novel, The Secret History, has been one of my favorite contemporary novels since the year of its publication. I recently created a Tumblr picture-blog in its honor, which you can see here. (Because I never have enough online projects going on at once, apparently.) Do visit! …

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