On the Street: 5th Avenue at 41st Street

fifth ave mural

I was doing some research at the New York Public Library’s main reference branch yesterday, and when I left the library and crossed the street, I spotted this mural. It’s painted on a pair of doors off to the side of the Andaz Fifth Avenue, a hotel that I’d never really noticed before.

The painting is signed by artist Aimee Cavazzi. I looked her up when I got home and learned that she is “artist in residence” at the Andaz. She painted this work just a few weeks ago, and she says,

“I would take the train in the spring time and early summer as a young teenager and felt, just as the picture depicts, inspired, overwhelmed and in awe of the immensity and intensity of the city.”

I know what she means, and I’m glad I still feel the same way in New York sometimes: energized, happily astonished, percolating with ideas, drawing inspiration from my surroundings.

You can see some photos of Cavazzi (and her students!) at work on the mural here.

Image: photo by Tinsel Creation.


6 thoughts on “On the Street: 5th Avenue at 41st Street

  1. Dear Tinsel
    Pubic art is does so much for both the public good and the personal cheer,
    I do wish there were more of it in unconventional places such as this… just waiting to be discovered!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Nice! My walking path from Penn Station to my office on the east side usually takes me north of 42nd by the time I cross over to 5th. And my path home usually takes me way south of 42nd by the time I cross over to 5th. Today, I deliberately doubled back one street so I can see this for myself. Thanks for spreading the beauty!

    1. Isn’t is nice to encounter something new and positive in midtown? I was happy enough, because I love being at the library, and then this painting made my afternoon. So glad you “peeped” it!

  3. Lovely. My NYC jones is getting stronger by the week. Hoping to drink a sidecar with you this summer.

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