On the Street: Fashion Manifesto

shop less

My friend Nancy and I were spending an afternoon strolling around SoHo and Nolita, and we spied these flyers posted on a wall. The quote “Shop Less, Think More” is credited to Vivienne Westwood, and the more densely written blue flyer lists a few fashion-related affirmations:

manifesto detail

I’m a big believer in the power and significance of dress, and at the same time I’m resistant to most trends and dictates. I don’t really care that metal studs, or the color orange, or gladiator sandals, or studded orange gladiator sandals, are “must-haves” at any given moment. I won’t be wearing any of these trends, because I already know my own taste and I understand what will work for me and for my life. (But will I buy another black dress, or another rose-tinted lipstick? You can bet on it.)

Now that I’ve checked, it turns out that these flyers are guerilla ads for the book Fashion Manifesto: The Guide for the Style Savvy by Sofia Hedstrӧm and Anna Schori. I haven’t seen this book yet, but I’m curious.

Update: Fashion Manifesto is now available online at Barnes & NobleAmazon, and Strand Books. If you’ve already read it, let us know what you think!

Images: photos by Tinsel Creation.

8 thoughts on “On the Street: Fashion Manifesto

  1. Dear Tinsel
    This is Dame Viv at her finest, she has recently run into controversy for criticising the Duchess of Cambridge (pre-pregnancy) of owning ‘too many dull clothes’ and urging her to own and cherish fewer but more beautiful signature pieces.
    True wisdom.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. I’ve got to say, I sort of appreciate the sentiments here, but it’s more than a bit ironic that they appear on what is essentially an ad.

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