Covet: tenoverten Wall Street Nail Polish

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 4.45.11 PM

I recently attended the Elements Showcase, a biannual trade fair for “niche” fragrance houses and a few select beauty lines, and between rounds of smelling perfumes, perfumes, a few scented candles, and more perfumes, I sat down for a mini-manicure at the Tenoverten table. I wrote about Tenoverten (“ten over ten”) and the brand’s line of polish last year (see here), and this time around I was able to sample a new shade: Wall Street.

I was so entranced by this polish that I forgot to take a photo of the bottle, and when I got home I realized that the polish wasn’t going to show up well in photographs. Well, I tried. Here’s what I got…


This was on my lap, with my hand resting on my purse, on the ride home.


Another blurry lap shot, when the light changed.


An effort at home, in outdoor lighting. (I know, my cuticles are a mess.)

Photos don’t do this nail polish justice. Wall Street is an iridescent metallic shade that morphs magically from deep green to violet to shimmery steel. It has a sheen and a combination of colors that you would normally only see on a the wing of some exotic beetle, or in an oil slick on pavement, or in the interior of an abalone shell.

twitter olivander abalone shell

Wall Street (and other new polish colors) will be released by Tenoverten in September.

There’s just one thing holding me back from buying it. Can you guess?


Yes, the name. Calling a beauty product “Wall Street” in 2013 seems more than a little tone-deaf. If Tenoverten wanted another downtown name, why not “Trinity” or “Nassau” or “Greenwich”?

I know, I’m difficult: I should just be saying, “This is the perfect modern-cool shade for fall!”

But, really…

Images: top image via tenoverten on Twitter; polish shots by Tinsel Creation; Abalone Shell [cropped] by Olivander on Flickr; Wall Street sign via Wikimedia Commons.


8 thoughts on “Covet: tenoverten Wall Street Nail Polish

  1. My nail tech told me one client of hers stopped getting the holographic polishes because she would become entranced by her own fingernails at stoplights and kept getting honked at because she didn’t see it turn green.

  2. I am so not a metallic nail polish lover, but, this time around for some reason I’m attracted to them. This one looks really beautiful! Oh and don’t worry about your pictures, I can rarely do swatches myself for lack of a good camera.

  3. Just buy it and peel off the name label and pretend it was never there. Or perhaps just choose to think of it as being named after some other Wall Street in some quaint little town somewhere else. The polish is pretty and I bet it’s prettier in person.

    1. Poodle, it’s spell-binding in person! I supposed I could always restrict my thoughts to the Wall Street of the colonial era or even the 19th century… leaving aside throughts of Michael Douglas, the crash of autumn 1987, various inside trading scandals, our recent and ongoing recession, and the Occupy movement.

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