Covet: Guerlain Autumn 2014 Collection (updated with list of shades and photos)


Guerlain cosmetics have been one of my biggest temptations this year. I love my two Guerlain foundations, Lingerie de Peau and Terracotta Joli Teint, as well as my very-special-treat-of-a-lipstick, Rouge G in Georgia… but I’ve managed to avoid the Guerlain counter since those purchases. However, now that I’ve been a few photos of Guerlain’s Fall 2014 collection (here on Chicprofile), I have a feeling that I’ll be planning a visit to Saks in September.

First, Guerlain is reissuing its KissKiss lipstick line with a new formulation and new shades. I love the shiny black cases.

UPDATE, 7/27: Here is a list of shades, from Guerlain’s Japan website:

  • 325 Rouge Kiss
  • 320 Red Insolence
  • 321 Red Passion
  • 322 Red on fire
  • 324 Red Love
  • 327 Red Strass
  • 360 Very Pink
  • 364 Pinky Groove
  • 365 Romance
  • 366 Fall in Rose
  • 367 Kiss Blossom
  • 367 Baby Rose
  • 369 Rosy Boop
  • 300 Golden Girl
  • 301 Candy Beige
  • 302 Romantic Kiss
  • 303 Beige Booster
  • 304 Air Kiss
  • 305 Forever Brown
  • 340 Miss Kiss
  • 342 Peach Fizz
  • 342 Francy Kiss
  • 343 Sugar Kiss
  • 343 Sexy Coral

And see here for **photos** of all the KissKiss shades on a Dutch beauty blog. A few of the roses are calling to me…


Guerlain-Fall-2014-Kiss-Kiss-PaletteSecond, three new eyeshadow “quads” (Ecrins 4 Couleurs) will be released as limited editions. This quartet of nude shades, called Les Sables, looks simply perfect.

I’ve read that the collection’s Japan launch is scheduled for August 1st. No news yet about the US release. Stay tuned…

Photos and information via Chicprofile.


3 thoughts on “Covet: Guerlain Autumn 2014 Collection (updated with list of shades and photos)

  1. I too have avoided Guerlain recently since I needed a new summer wardrobe but I think it’ll be difficult this fall. That palette looks like such a perfect basic and I love the Kiss Kiss in black. Can’t wait to see the color selection in person. :)

    1. I’m really trying not to fall for trend-oriented makeup, but that palette is such a luxurious basic!! I’m waiting for more info on the lipstick color selections, too…

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