Covet: Joya x Snarkitecture Secret Souvenir Candle


I love New York. I love fancy candles. I can’t help coveting these new products from Joya Studio in collaboration with “art and architecture company Snarkitecture.”

Here’s the official description:

“The offset wick of this otherwise plain cylindrical candle suggests something unexpected beneath the surface. As the candle burns down, a metal souvenir is unearthed and a new and evolving topography of wax is formed. The image of a building in a landscape comes into focus. Each candle in the New York City edition of the Secret Souvenir series contains an Empire State Building, Chrysler Building or Statue of Liberty souvenir at random.” …


The candle’s fragrance includes notes of prairie dropseed, water lily, tulip, autumn moor grass, cucumber, and blonde woods, “many of which can be found throughout the city’s parks.”

If these candles didn’t cost $120 apiece, I’d buy one just for the fun of seeing it melt down to reveal a NYC landmark. Joya’s scents are usually complex and pleasing, and I like supporting New York-based brands, but that price point…!

Still, what a great idea.


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