Covet: Joya x Snarkitecture Secret Souvenir Candle


I love New York. I love fancy candles. I can’t help coveting these new products from Joya Studio in collaboration with “art and architecture company Snarkitecture.”

Here’s the official description:

“The offset wick of this otherwise plain cylindrical candle suggests something unexpected beneath the surface. As the candle burns down, a metal souvenir is unearthed and a new and evolving topography of wax is formed. The image of a building in a landscape comes into focus. Each candle in the New York City edition of the Secret Souvenir series contains an Empire State Building, Chrysler Building or Statue of Liberty souvenir at random.” …

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Covet: Joya x Katz’s Deli Chocolate Egg Cream Candle

joya katz

Joya Studio is an independent, New York-based company that makes high-quality candles (often in very artistic packaging) and the occasional perfume. Joya has teamed up with other local businesses for special projects from time to time, but this latest collaboration might be my favorite yet. It’s a chocolate egg cream-scented candle—a collaboration with the legendary Lower East Side eatery Katz’s Delicatessen.

I’m not usually a fan of gourmand-fragranced candles, but I’d make an exception in this case. And just look at the box, with its vintage-style label, and the candle container, which looks like an actual drinking glass that would be used to serve up an egg cream at Katz’s.

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Covet: Frederic Malle Joyeux Noel Candle


Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums is one of my favorite fragrance houses. I own and love several fragrances from the collection, yet I’ve never splashed out on one of Editions de Parfums’ fragranced candles in their signature red containers—partly because they’re so costly, partly because I just wouldn’t be able to choose a scent.

As the Editions de Parfums website tells us, “Christmas is a family atmosphere: particular colors—mostly red & green, and a scent made of pine, amber, cinnamon and a touch of cotton candy. A few years ago, Dominique Ropion made an olfactory sketch of this unique December scent. Frederic Malle and him decided to ‘polish’ it to make it even more comfortable, diffusive, and to make it perform in a scented candle.”

Joyeux Noël is a limited edition. It sells for $95 (!) through the Editions de Parfums website and Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums boutiques.

Covet: Joya & Oliver Ruuger “In Girum” Candle


Joya, the New York-based purveyor of artisanal candles and home fragrance, has just announced a collaboration with London-based luxury accessories designer Oliver Ruuger. The result is a limited edition candle called “In Girum,” encased in engraved leather. A limited edition print of the artwork is also available.

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