Covet: Scented Flower Tattoos


I don’t have any tattoos, and I don’t think I ever will. Why not? Many reasons…

But look at these temporary tattoos! They’re based on the botanical illustrations of Vincent Jeannerot, and they’re FRAGRANCED with a scent created by Agilex Fragrances — a blend of fuschia, poppy, ylang ylang, and poplar wood. They’re supposed to last on the skin for 2 to 4 days before wearing away. I think one of these peonies or hydrangea clusters would be a lovely reminder of spring in the depths of winter, even if it were worn secretly under a cozy sweater.

Set of 8 for $18 at Tattly.


2 thoughts on “Covet: Scented Flower Tattoos

  1. I love Tattly tattoos, and that purple peony is gorgeous! I also don’t have any permanent tattoos, but I do like to occasionally pretend with a whimsical temporary tattoo :) I wonder how much the scent adds (or detracts?) from the charm.

  2. I’ll never have a real tattoo if I have any saying in the matter :)

    I came across those online recently but while I liked the idea, they seemed a little too big for my taste – so I decided against including them into the Gift Guide. Had they been half the size, I would have been tempted to use them.

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